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Naskah drama ande-ande lumut menggunakan bhs. inggris

Scenes I
Room of the house is simple. Looks neat and clean. Tables and chairs arranged neatly in the middle of the room, right corner there is a small table. Klenting Merah dan Klenting Biru seemed to be preening. Klenting  Kuning entered with a tray in hand. On the tray was a drink and a snack. Food and drinks are put on the table is small.
KlentingMerah            : Come on. KlentingKuning here. Comb my hair!
KlentingKuning          : (While combing Klenting Merah) brother’s beautiful.
KlenitngBiru               : (Cynical, mimicking the words KlentingKuning) Brother’s beautiful! No need to lick. Come on, finish your work, then catch hold of my mirror.
Suddenly, there was a call from within.
Mother Klenting         : Kuniiing!!! Get in here!!!
KlentingKuning rush to take his tray. KlentingMerah grumbled while wearing eyebrow pencil. KlentingBiru wearing lipstick. Mother sudden and surprising KlentingKuning. Tray he was carrying fell. All surprised. KlentingMerah forehead smeared eyebrow pencil. KlentingBiru cheeks smeared lipstick.
Mother Klenting         : (Angry) Basic, lazy Girl! Called did not come soon. Instead make noise only. If there is broken stuff, I punish you do not eat three days. Quick cook for us!
KlentingKuning out. From outside came a messenger hit Bende repeatedly shouting.
Pembawa Berita          : Announcement, announcement! There is a youth looking for future wife!
KlentingMerah & KlentingBiru (‘s face lit up. Ran out) What’s that?!
KleningMerah and KlentingBiru told Pembawa Berita to enter his house.
Klenting Mom             : Hey, lads ugly! Quick announcement telling you brought! Who’s looking for a wife? Certainly not you?!

Peering KlentingKuning, curious news.
Pembawa Berita          : wait, Mom! I immediately told the news whice electrify the girls in this Duchy. certainly not me I was looking for a wife.
Mother Klenting         : Do a lot of conversation! Just tell the story!
Pembawa Berita          : In the village across the river there, precisely in the Village Dadapan, there was a dashing and handsome bachelor looking for a partner for life. His name Ande Ande Lumut. Girls who want to be his wife, was asked to come to the house Mbok Rondo Dadapan. Later, The Ande Ande Lumut will choose one of them.
KlentingMerah            : Oh, Ande Ande Lumut! Mother, let us to the village of Dadapan.
KlentingBiru               : Yes, ma’am. Surely he will choose someone from us.
Then the news bearer finished home.

Scene 2
KlentingKuning washing cormorant that was very dirty and crusty on the river. Her face was sad and crying.
KlentingKuning          : Oh, my Gods. When will my present happiness back in my life? For a long time I pass the time. Torture of the brother and mother I had lived with courage. Now, came the opportunity. But, (sigh) it feels like I follow my heart. Go to the village Dadapan to meet Ande Ande Lumut.
He must have been looking for me everywhere. But I still have to clean up this steamer. And I can not go back until the boiler is shiny like new. No way I could come there. (Sigh) Is there a way out …..
Smoke suddenly filled the room clumping. Light sheen appeared followed by the arrival of a powerful crane. KlentingKuning surprised.

Magic Stork                : Do not worry, KlentingKuning. I’ll help you clean the boiler it.
KlentingKuning          : Are you able to make it shine like new cormorant, magic stork ?
Magic Stork                : Certainly.
Stork cleaning steamer with its beak. In an instant shiny back boiler, as new. KlentingKuning accept it with great pleasure steamer.
KlentingKuning          : Thank you very much, Magic storks.
Magic Stork                : No, KlentingKuning. Your Patience makes you eligible. Now the time has almost arrived. Follow your heart. Go to the village Dadapan and met Ande Ande Lumut. (Taking out a stick), Take this stick. Use it wisely, when you really need it. Happiness is waiting.
KlentingKuning: Thank you! Thank you! Magic Stork!

Round 2
Scenes 1
A river where Yuyu Kangkang power. The only way, to get to the village Dadapan. Anyone passing by, should give rewards. Then came KlentingMerah and KlentingBiru.
KlentingBiru               : How does it, Sister! We can not pass this river.
KlentingMerah            : Yes. No way I swam across. I could have all my body wet.
Yuyu Kangkang          : Wah, wah, wah … Luckily for me today. Meet beautiful girls like fairies, beautiful flawless interesting. Hi, pretty girl!, Are you going to cross?
KlentingMerah            : That’s right, we’ll go to the other side. Will you help us?
Yuyu Kangkang          : Hohoho … be happy, sure will I deliver, beautiful girl. But …
KlentingBiru               : But what? How much should we pay?
Yuyu Kangkang          : Haahahaahaha. I’m Yuyu Kangkang, do not need the money.
KlentingMerah            : You are really good, O.. Yuyu Kangkang.
KlentingBiru               : This is a good sign. Of course we will be accepted by the Ande Ande Lumut.
KlentingMerah            : Yes My brother, let us quickly cross. I can not wait to get edited Ande Ande Lumut. Yuyu Kangkang, fast, deliver us!
Yuyu Kangkang          : Eittt, wait a minute! Granted I do not need the money now, but you have to give me another reward.
KlentingBiru               : Wage else?, What is it?
Yuyu Kangkang          : It’s not that difficult. I want to deliver a pretty girl like you, only to wages a kiss.
KlentingMerah and KlentingBiru looked surprised. They negotiate temporary wage Yuyu Kangkang imagine he would receive.
KlentingBiru               : How is it, brother? Period ugly creature so we give kisses. Let me just once but it ….. iiihhhhh!!!
KlentingMerah            : But if not so, we could not meet the Ande Ande Lumut. How is this? Hemm, well, we pay just wages. Ande Ande Lumut certainly don’t  know.
KlentingBiru               : That’s true, yes. Alright. The important thing is we get to where Ande Ande Lumut.
Yuyu Kangkang          : How, pretty girl?
KlentingMerah            : Well, we will meet your terms.
Yuyu Kangkang          : He … he .. he .. he … Come, come! We immediately went to the other side.
Yuyu Kangkang deliver KlentingBiru KlentingMerah and exit the stage. From the other side of the stage appeared KlentingKuning.

KlentingKuning          : The river is so wide and deep. How do I get there? There was no raft or bridge I could use. What could I have met Ande Ande Lumut?
(Yuyu Kangkang enter from the opposite side)
KlentingKuning          the crab, do you guard this river?
Yuyu Kangkang          : Yes. I’m Yuyu Kangkang, guard the river. (Said to myself) it’s just a bad girl, dingy, and smell.
KlentingKuning          : Will you help me through this river?
Yuyu Kangkang          : (reluctantly) It’s okay, but you have to pay 100 thousand.
KlentingKuning          : I do not have any money!
Yuyu Kangkang          : (lazily) Thought. Hmm … Then you’ll deliver. But you have to kiss me.
KlentingKuning          : What! I will not give you a kiss.
Yuyu Kangkang          : Yes, I have. go by yourself. Ande Ande Lumut would not want a girl ugly and smell like. That alone is pretty much that he refused.
KlentingKuning          : This means no girl that he received! Well, if you do not want to take me. (Thinking). How is this? (Thinking back, then got the stick, giving stork supernatural) God help me towards the Ande Ande Lumut. Take this, Yuyu Kangkang!
KlentingKnaskaghuning banged sticks into the river. Instantaneous shrinking rivers to dry. KlentingKuning casually walk across the river.
Yuyu Kangkang          : forgiveness, magic girl! Please return this river. I could die of drought, when there is no water.
KlentingKuning          : There have been many people who are victims of your greedy. Now you have to pay for that behavior. Wait until the next evening. The water of this river will be back.
You need help with sincere and not indulged your greedy.
Yuyu Kangkang          : All right, I promise. I’ll remember your words. Thank you, magic girl.
Scene 2
Mbok home Rondo Dadapan where Ande Ande Lumut stay. KlentingMerah and KlentingBiru
Mbok Rondo               : Sweet girl, who is your name? Let I passed on my son Ande Ande Lumut about your coming. But do not be disappointed, if my son refused!
KlentingMerah            : Do not worry Mbok Rondo, because I was the one who awaited Ande Ande Lumut. I’m KlentingMerah come from across the country, smart dress and grooming.
KlentingBiru               : Don’t forget me KlentingBiru, sweet girl idol man of all time.
Mbok Rondo               : My son, Ande Ande Lumut. look at the girl who wants to be the companion of your life. Its a pretty good-looking named KlentingMerah and another named the sweetes KlentingBiru. What is this girl’s choice?
Ande Ande Lumut     : No, Simbok. Is not the girl that I wait. I do not want to be traces of Yuyu Kangkang.
KlentingMerah & KlentingMerah surprised, looked at each other. They were ashamed.
KlentingMerah: Ah, arrogant. I want to see what kind of girl she was waiting for, certainly not better than us.
Appears KlentingKuning, all meneggok at him, shocked and silent for a moment, then shrugged expression respectively.

KlentingKuning          : Rondo Mbok Dadapan, please pass the Ande Ande Lumut, I KlentingKuning had come and wanted to meet him.
Mbok Rondo               : Sure you do with a desire KlentingKuning? Instead Mbok not to deliver, but look around you. The girl who had rejected such a beautiful dress. As for you, apparently not had time to clean up, before coming here.
KlentingKuning          : No problem Mbok. Tell it to Ande Ande Lumut. If he turned me down, I’ll accept it gracefully.

Mbok Rondo tells Ande Ande Lumut. Ande Ande Lumut face looks glowing and smiling. He went KlentingKuning.

Ande Ande Lumut     : This girl my choice, Simbok!
Mbok Rondo               : (Wonder mixed confused) My son, do not you wrong?
Ande Ande Lumut     : No Simbok. She’s not the rest of Yuyu Kangkang.
Listen to you all, do not see someone from the outside. But know the heart and soul. Verily from the outside KlentingKuning looks ugly, but the purity and character, his sincerity and purity of his soul, making him far more beautiful and shining among the other girls. Know that real KlentingKuning is Galuh Goddess Candra Kirana, daughter Daha kingdom. Actually I was Prince Panji Inu Kerta regent of the kingdom of Kediri. It’s been years I searched for a missing tunagnganku. Now I’ve found it. I’ll bring it back home to the kingdom of Daha. Thank you for your kindness above all this, Mbok Dadapan Rondo.

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